Sweet, sweet , everywhere and not a piece to eat.

Recently, I took up intermittent fasting(16/8 rule) to take control of my weight. I challenged myself to follow the discipline for a month. Although it has been only some days into the challenge, I can say with certainty that it tests my willpower every day.

I am a big fan of sweets. Sweets used to be the highlight of my days before taking up this challenge. No matter the ups and downs of the day, sweets always came to my rescue and so did potatoes in vegetables. For me, the potato will always be the undisputed number one in all vegetables. These were some of the sacrifices which I had to make after taking up this challenge.

To be frank, I was expecting significant changes in my weight in such a short period. I was wrong. Like everything else, this will take some time but there were changes in my behavior. Whether it was resisting that delicious homemade sweet and exhausting my willpower reserves for it or was it a feeling that I could no longer eat whatever I want, whenever I wanted, I couldn’t figure it but I got frustrated. I was angrier than usual. I don’t want to go into the details but I can say that it takes a toll on your thoughts. It isn’t an exaggeration if I say that I could get I slight glimpse of my animal instinct of survival.

It was easy for me to get rid of such thoughts. The ease with which I got rid of such thoughts made me realize the importance of the right values. It got me thinking about all those people in an unimaginable setting-not having enough to eat, whenever they wanted, whatever they wanted- and who are not molded by values and education. I leave this to your interpretation because it will be unfair to conclude anything and compare my one-month intermittent fasting challenge with their state. I have a choice of breaking my fast and eating all that I want but they don’t. There are a lot of things to add to their misery.

This experience with my behavior has made me realize that the best charity work I can do at my level is to provide food to those in need.

You might be thinking that I am all against intermittent fasting but I am not. It was just the change of my attitude that came as a surprise for me.

We can agree to disagree but I would love to hear what you have to say.